Sunday, December 16, 2012

Justifying Conscription?

Here are some of the dumbest arguments used to support conscription.

1. It makes you a man
The most common one. Being coerced to take orders and being expendable canon fodder apparently makes you a "man." What is a fucking "man" exactly? Is my penis not enough? Every society and person has different standards for being a "man" and most of them are silly. For me personally, going to the military because you have no choice isn't one of them. There's an African tribe that turns boys into men by having them grab a wild lion's tail. The vast majority of us modern men are fucking pussies compared to them so I don't buy this "manliness" bullshit coming from anybody from a modern society.

2. You learn about life
The ROK Army tries to rally enthusiasm in conscripts by convincing us military service is actually the "university of life." It's supposed to be a time and place where you think and grow as a person. In a way, this is true because for most Korean dudes, it's the first time any of them ever have to actually work. But you can get that kind of experience as a civilian by you know, getting a job. You learn about life getting older and just being alive anyway. For most Koreans who spend pretty much their entire lives prior to adulthood hunched over a desk trying to memorize useless bullshit, any experience is going to be a learning one. It doesn't make military service anymore valuable or enjoyable.

3. Everybody should do it
Because I did it. That's the real lesson you should take from anybody who says this. I had to go through this shit, so why shouldn't everybody else? I served, so you should too! It's really just selfishness. It's this type of attitude that enables hazing and bullying as well. The victims feel they're entitled to pull shit since it happened to them. It's okay everybody else gets a shit deal since they did too. American veterans talk about how they wish their sacrifice makes it so that future generations don't have to go through what they did. An alien concept to the perpetrators of this argument.

4. You don't know how hard it used to be
Or, it's okay since it used to be really shitty but now it's less shitty. Related to number 3, this argument is usually used to get younger guys or newer conscripts to stop complaining. Its also used to justify hazing. "You're complaining about two years? It used to be 3 years so be quit whining!" or "You don't like having to pick the trash with your hands because you're a private? Well, back in the day, you'd get your ass kicked for even looking like you're thinking that!" Well, way back in the day, you'd get raped in the ass by a senior or be forced to suck your CO's dick. Or you'd get shot in the face by a Chinese soldier. While we're at justifying current shitty conditions with shittier conditions in the past, maybe I should beat you over the head with a brick then tell you that it's okay since at least you're not a Holocaust victim! See how stupid that logic sounds?


  1. Seems like you could substitute "sex" for "conscription" and apply the same opinions.

    1. Haha, "you don't know how hard it used to be" can definitely be applied to many a man's sex life..

  2. What about the argument that South Korea has always gotten invaded in the past, North Korea being a threat, etc?